I am from Mauritius, an island located in the Indian Ocean. This blog is about my passion for Cybersecurity, OpenBSD, Linux and System Administration.

I love to help people learn, and to share my knowledge. Hopefully my posts will help me in the future (in case I have to refresh my memory).

I am also a core member/developer of SecBSD. Scroll down for more details.

Well…ok, there’s a little more …

As I sit writing this, I have to give a special thanks to my wonderful family for everything they’ve done for me. I want to thank my lovely parents for their effort and love in bringing me up to a better individual. And especially my Fiancee, the love of my life. Family is everything.


  • SecBSD - Together with the team, we’re creating the first-ever offensive security toolkit to be powered by OpenBSD. A BSD enviroment for Security Researchers, Pentesters, Bug Hunters & Cybersecurity experts. What role do i play in the team:
  - Ports Development.
  - Golang Dev
  - Mostly focused on Golang/Python tools.
  - Wanna collaborate ? Ping me on Telegram.
- An XMLRPC brute forcer targeting Wordpress written in Python 3. 
- In the context of xmlrpc brute forcing, its faster than Hydra and WpScan. 
- It can brute force 1000 passwords per second.
- Create a temporary email address in 1 Second and receive emails
- Written in Go